Asia Sentinel (July 13 2016): Hague Court Decision a Gift to South China Sea Nations

Asia Sentinel (July 13 2016): Hague Court Decision a Gift to South China Sea Nations

“More than just an indictment of China’s actions and rebuttal of its outlandish claims, the rulings are so sweeping that other countries can sit back and rely on them without having to take their own cases to this or any other court. They can simply state that they will abide by its rulings.”

The court is not empowered to determine national ownership of rocks and islets but can rule on whether they are sufficiently self-supporting to quality for an EEZ rather than a 12-mile territorial limit.

“It may also be a problem for Taiwan’s new president Tsai. Taiwan occupied the largest Spratly island but has been told that this provides no EEZ. She would surely like to accept the Court’s ruling and be seen to be a responsible international citizen. But any such move would bring another avalanche of insults and threats from Beijing over such “traitorous” behavior.”

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Grenatec (July 9 2016) – Scarborough Shoal: Philippine-Chinese Joint Development Area?

Grenatec (July 9 2016) – Scarborough Shoal: Philippine-Chinese Joint Development Area?

“(Quan hệ Philippines – China):

Given Duterte’s ‘tough guy’ image, one response for Duterte could be to participate in joint patrols with the United States to Scarborough Shoal.  That would be a stick, since China would almost certainly hesitate to directly antagonize a US escort ship.

A carrot, by contrast, would be an offer by the Phillippines for joint oil and gas exploration of the Scarborough Shoal area. Duterte’s also lofted that trial balloon.”


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Philippin bác bỏ thương thuyết với Trung Quốc: Philippines Rejects Conditional Talks With China on South China Sea (Diplomat 20-7-16) — Vì không phải là một “quốc gia xã hội chủ nghĩa anh em” nên họ có thể ngẩng cao đầu, kiên cường mà làm như vậy!

The New York Times (Aug 29 2014): On Hong Kong, Democracy and Protecting the Rich

The New York Times (Aug 29 2014): On Hong Kong, Democracy and Protecting the Rich

—  Ngày nào đó, ở đâu đó, một lần nửa, lập luận “cần giới hạn dân chủ” để bảo vệ người giàu (…) có lẽ sẽ được nhắc đến.

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(July 23 2016): ‘Apologise to China’ Contest Attracts International Attention

credit-new-bloom-magCon người “trước”, lợi nhuận “sau”

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(Trích “Tin đáng xem 2016 quí 3”)

Asialyst (July 7 2016):  Hong Kong ne livrera pas le libraire à la Chine 

The New York Times (7/15/2016): Hong Kong Says Legislative Candidates Must Endorse Chinese Rule 

[…He (Mr. Lam) added: “People will think it’s an overreaction, a knee-jerk reaction from Beijing. This kind of paranoia about localists blossoming into full-fledged separatist political activities might be counterproductive.”]