RFI Tiếng Việt (8/17/2016) – Chuyên gia Pháp: Cách Mỹ chống bành trướng Trung Quốc trên Biển Đông

RFI Tiếng Việt (8/17/2016) – Chuyên gia Pháp: Cách Mỹ chống bành trướng Trung Quốc trên Biển Đông – CHÂU Á

RFI Tiếng Việt (8/29/2016): Trung Quốc sợ phương Tây phá hoại thượng đỉnh G20 Hàng Châu

The Diplomat (8/17/2016): Can China Keep India Silent Over the South China Sea? 

– (8/18/2016): South China Sea : Fishing in Troubled Waters

[Today, the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard routinely operate together under the Oceania Maritime Security Initiative (OMSI) to conduct fisheries enforcement missions in partnership with other countries, embarking their representatives on U.S. platforms for enforcement patrols within non-U.S. EEZs.]

The National Interest (8/16/2016): Does the South China Sea Spell Trouble for Beijing’s New Silk Road?

Spiegel online (8/31/2016): China Is Building New Silk Road to Central Asia and Europe


Wikipedia: One Belt, One Road

South China Morning Post (8/16/2016): Chinese diplomat tells Singapore to stay out of South China Sea disputes

South China Morning Post (8/15/2016): Hangzhou G20: China determined to keep summit focus on economy 

[Li Baodong stressed that Beijing was also keen to keep the focus off other contentious issues,…, when leaders of the world’s 20 major economies met in the capital city of Zhejiang province on September 4-5.]

Spiegel Online International (8/17/2016) –  Pacific War Games: Why China Takes Part in US Military Exercises

Trích Tin đáng xem 2014 quí 1 – Wired August 19 2007:  China = Q.C. Disaster

Asia Times (Aug 27 2016)  –  The US third offset(s) strategy: Why China should worry

— The National Interest Blog (Aug 3 2016)US Military’s Third Offset Strategy: A Silver Bullet or Simply a Bad Idea?

    • The First Offset was the development of the New Look nuclear deterrence strategy (PDF) in the early Cold War days as a counter to the massive conventional forces of the Soviet Union.
    • The Second Offset was a consequence of the lessening relevance of the first. The Reagan period saw new technologies developed to put American forces back at the forefront of global capabilities. Those efforts produced stealth and precision guided weapons, including the enabling technology of GPS.
    • … the Third Offset is intended to once again vault the United States well ahead of the pack and to recreate the capability difference that came as a shock to the Chinese and Russian militaries in the 1990s…

  RealClearDefense (Feb 16 2016):  What is the Third Offset Strategy?

Asialyst (9/6/2018): Bilan chinois au G20, excuses de Duterte et guerre de l’eau en Inde

☐ (9/7/2016): Cambodge : l’élite dirigeante devant la cour internationale de La Haye


New Bloom (8/15/2016): Why Is the KMT Preoccupied with Combating “Cultural Taiwanese Independence” in the Present?

New Bloom Magazine (8/15/2016): Why Is the KMT Preoccupied with Combating “Cultural Taiwanese Independence” in the Present?

“…If the KMT has in recent times attempted to mimic the actions of the DPP while it was a political opposition, or to even mime the 2014 Sunflower movement in its own political mobilizations, this is because it wants to win back Taiwanese youth.

Taipei Times (8/17/2016):  Formosa Chemicals plant faces shutdown

(9/27/2016): Minister urges Hong Kong not cave to pressure from China